The Boston Marathon

I am scared. My big sister just talked me into running the Boston Marathon in April 2018.  To be honest I had never thought about pushing myself that hard until yesterday!  The Boston Marathon is of course famous for the bombing back in 2013 which tragically killed three people. But it was famous before that for being a fantastic event. My other sister is thinking of joining us, and of course my beautiful wife will be supporting me all the way.

Before I get carried away and start booking my flights to the USA, we have to first of all qualify!  With this is mind, I will run my first ever marathon on July 2 in the Gold Coast!  Not long to increase my fitness level to run 42km, yes that’s right 42km!  Alyse and I run the 5km New Farm Park Run every Saturday morning in just under 30 mins. To qualify, I’ll need to run it in 3hrs 10mins.

Alyse and I have been running the New Farm parkrun since November 2016 on Saturday mornings.  This is a fantastic event which has seen our fitness level increase dramatically. It’s now a part of our weekend routine and we feel out of sorts when we don’t get our morning run in.

Learning to run marathons isn’t just about running. It’s great for my fitness, and a fantastic mental challenge. But it’s also personal for both of us. Alyse and I will be raising awareness for Olivia (my 8 year old daughter) who has a rare metabolic disorder called Gyrate Atrophy.  This is very serious and worse case scenario will leave her blind by 15.  The end goal is to set up a research trust for Gyrate Atrophy.  This rare disease has little to no funding, and the research being done could be life changing for kids like Olivia.

We are also raising awareness for Cerebral Palsy, which is also close to my heart. My youngest  daughter Lucy has CP, affecting her lower limbs.  She has a mild form of CP, but it’s still a very challenging and frustrating impairment for Lucy.

 I want to show my girls that perseverance and community can help them. Olivia is currently learning to use a long cane, and her mother & grandma are teaching her braille. These are skills my baby girl will need in the future.

Alyse and I are going to be running as many marathons as we can this year, and blogging about how we achieve it. We hope you’ll all follow our progress, as we teach the girls about perseverance, community and persistence. We’ll be raising funds all year, and any support is appreciated.

Watch this space!


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